Finally, The Old-Fashioned Blackberry OS Got Updated

Blackberry OS 6 Blackberry OS 6

Akhirnya Blackberry merilis update untuk Blackberry OS nya yang sudah tampak kuno dan ketinggalan jaman itu. Blackberry OS 6 ini membawa sejumlah fitu baru sebut saja homescreen baru, pop-ups menus screen, ehek transisi (fluid transitions), HTML 5 based-on browser, support tab untuk browser layaknya browser komputer, re-skinned media player, multi-touch (pinch-zooming), dll. Dan ini ada video advertising Blackberry OS 6 dari RIM.

Blackberry OS 6 Blackberry OS 6

New Features :

  • Homescreen : A new design with smaller wallpaper real estate, cusomized icons
  • Browser : multitouch support (pinch zooming), new favorites, tabbed browsing
  • Media Player, multitouch support, with a finger swipe needed for browsing album covers, iPhone style
  • Multitouch : included natively in all sorts of programs
  • Messaging : larger thumbnails to determine the type of message, intregated RSS Feeds
  • Commands : support pop-up commands
  • Media : Photos will appear all at once
Image source : BGR

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